May 16, 2021

Carmageddon Comes to LA’s 405 Freeway

The countdown has already begun for the demolition of the massive Mulholland Bridge as a phase of the project to broaden the freeway between the Westside and the San Fernando Valley.

The entire process of the demolition will be carried out in two phases and this is the first phase which is planned this month. Owing to this demolition, the freeway between 101 and 10 will remain closed from the midnight on Friday, the 15th of July to the early hours of Monday morning, the 18th of July.

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Apart from the Northbound 405, a four-mile stretch of the Southbound 405 will also remain closed for the weekend. Metro is working along with other public agencies inclusive of the Los Angeles Police Department, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, Caltrans and the California Highway Patrol to avoid the expected traffic jam.

This is an enormous and daunting task because the 405 Freeway is one of the country’s busiest routes. Moreover, this is the peak of the summer travel season.

The Metro has requested the general public to plan ahead or to stay at home. The transportation, public safety and tourism officials are taking active measures to send the message of the closure using all the news outlets and social media.

Metro has also sufficiently advised the motorist not to venture anywhere near the area, in all its releases. It also suggests making use of alternate freeways to avoid this area.

The Metro is planning to use Sepulveda Boulevard, which parallels the 405, as an alternate route and it will be strictly allowed only for the use of local residents. The boulevard does not have the capacity to handle both local traffic and diverted freeway traffic.

Severe traffic jams and multi-hour delays are expected. People outside the area are requested to steer clear of this area to avoid unnecessary traffic congestion and delays. There are several shortcuts through the San Fernando Valley but there are chances of these routes getting clogged too. There is the Balboa Boulevard as an alternate route and other choices are Hayvenhurst, Haskell and Woodley avenues. All these alternates can work well but still there may be few problems that one can encounter.

There are two ways to beat Carmageddon, one is to use alternate routes that steer clear of the area and the other is to stay at home watching the news. Since the demolition is carried out in two phases, another 405 freeway closure is expected in the near future.

Official sources say that the entire project’s construction is expected to be completed by 2013.

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