May 16, 2021

What You Can Do at the Dept. of Motor Vehicles: Titles, Licenses, Registrations

You will find many different things to do at your local Dept of Motor Vehicles. Most people are aware of things like drivers licenses and vehicle registrations. However, there are other services too. Here are some of the things that you can take care of at your local DMV.

Dept Of Motor Vehicles

License Plates

Many states will have license plate services available. This means that you can order special tags for your car there. There may be a large selection in which to choose. For an additional fee, you can have a personalized license plate.

You may be able to get various scenes or images on your car license plate. For example, you there may be a scene with a protected species of wild life from your state. Often times, the extra fees for the plates go to wildlife funds.

Perhaps you want to celebrate your local sports team. You may be able to purchase license plates with your favorite professional or collegiate team on the plate. This can be a very nice addition to a tailgate party.

Handicapped license plates are also available. They may be in the form of a plate or a tag to hang on the rear-view mirror. These are very important for people with mobility issues.

Drivers License Services

You may have a number of reasons to get a new drivers license. Perhaps your current one is about to expire. You may be moving to another house and need a change of address. This is done by issuing you a new drivers license with your new address on it. It is required by law, to change your drivers license to reflect your new address.

Perhaps you are relocating from a different state. You will need a completely new drivers license. In most cases, you will surrender your current drivers license and receive a new one. You may not have to take any type of test. You will fill out a form, sign your name and pay the fee. They will take your new picture and give you a new license.

Vehicle Registrations and Titles

Many local DMV offices handle vehicle registrations. However, it is best to call first, to be sure. You may also wish to visit the website for information. You might be able to renew your current vehicle registration at the DMV. It is not a difficult matter and only involves proper papers and paying the fees.

If you move from another state, you will need to register your vehicle in that state. This means that you need a new car title also. Make sure and check with the DMV first, as you may need to have a vehicle inspection. Your DMV can tell you where to have the inspection and what needs to be done.

When you purchase a car, you may take care of registration and title at the DMV. It is not difficult. As long as you have the right papers. In some states the papers may need to be notarized.

Other Services

You may find services like commercial drivers licenses and relocating services at the DMV. You can take your test for a commercial drivers license and receive one, in the same day. Do not forget that many DMV offices offer the chance to make an appointment for your transaction. This is well worth considering, as it saves a great deal of time.


The Dept of Motor Vehicles allows you to register your car and renew your drivers license. You will also receive complete drivers license service like testing, new licenses and commercial licenses. If you make an appointment before you go, you will save a lot of time.

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