December 2, 2020

How To Get Your DOT Health Card

A DOT health card is required for drivers that haul a certain amount of weight in cargo. In some areas, it may be an amount over 26,000 pounds. Federal and state laws require that commercial vehicle drivers be physically and mentally able to drive large vehicles. This is extremely important for everyone’s safety. A Department of Transportation certification is necessary. It can be in the form of papers or a health card.



It is important to know about the exam. If you have certain medical conditions you may be disqualified. There is no sense in wasting your time, if you cannot receive certification.

Drivers must have a complete medical examination. Many conditions may exclude one from certification. For example, a diabetic that requires insulin injections is considered to be a risk. It is possible that some diabetics may lose consciousness occasionally. This is not acceptable for driving a commercial truck on the roads.

People without all of their arms and legs may be disqualified unless they have special training and equipment. Several types of heart conditions are also a cause to be disqualified. Many of these conditions are simply too dangerous for people to drive with.

Many muscular and joint disorders are also not allowed. Some arthritic conditions and muscular afflictions may interfere with the ability to control commercial vehicles. This also includes some types of vascular or circulatory disorders.

It is also important for one to not a have a history of epilepsy. This can often cause one to lose consciousness. It is not safe to drive with this type of condition.

During the exam, the eyes will also be examined. Good vision is very important for driving. One must be able to see road signs and any possible hazards up ahead.

It is also very important for hearing to be examined. It must be within an acceptable range to qualify. If not, a certification will not be issued.

Respiratory functions may disqualify one also. Diseases like emphysema and bronchitis may seriously impair one’s ability to drive. Sleep apnea is also a very important issue. One cannot run the risk of falling asleep while driving.

Alcohol and drug addiction must also be ruled out. Impaired drivers cannot be allowed to operate any type of vehicles. In some cases, there may be urine testing for drugs.


Many different doctors may perform the exam. One may be able to have a family physician give the test. Afterward, the doctor fills out a form and sends it to the proper authorities. At that time, the doctor may be able to issue a medical card to the driver, if he or she passes. This card will usually be good for a period of two years. However, certain conditions like hypertension may shorten the duration of the card. You may need more frequent exams in some cases.


Some commercial truck drivers must have a health certification from the DOT, or Department of Transportation. A qualified doctor must give the exam, and many conditions will disqualify one from certification. If the driver passes the medical exam, the doctor may issue him or her, a card or papers. These may be good for a two year period. However, in some cases, the period may be less than two years, if there are certain medical conditions.

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